(Unit of Nootan Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal, Visnagar.)



Community Health Nursing is the community oriented primary health care programme and the integration of community medicine with the primary health care of individual and community as a whole. The community lab in our institute is equipped and well furnished with the aim of fostering healthy   environment of teaching-learning process. The lab is accomplished with all equipments for providing the basic care in terms of primary health care like community bag, Maternity kit, puppet’s, Charts, Posters to mention few .The lab is arranged in such a manner that the students undertaking the nursing programme can practice the procedure and perfect their skills. A.V aids are shown and displayed in such a manner that by using various charts displayed in community health care and education programmes the health status of individual can be uplifted. The College is providing all the necessary articles to student for their better understanding.