(Unit of Nootan Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal, Visnagar.)



Nursing foundation lab is one which makes the imagination live of the hospital set up, and the students can expertise themselves on procedures and get experience on  life size dummy the able guidance of clinical instructors. This hospital like arrangement will help the students in reducing the stress, fear and familiarize them hospital environment.  The lab  has been well furnished and well ventilated with all the necessary accessory equipments like patient beds, mattresses, bed sheets, bedside locker, linens and blankets, napkins and towels, bed cradle, cardiac table, wheel chair, stretcher, critical care unit( with O2 cylinder with flow meter, CPR dummy and Suction apparatus), different sizes procedure trays, and other instruments.  The equipments available conform to the requirements of INC and are adequate to meet the needs of the courses undertaken. The lab is   equipped with Four manikin adult male & female with internal organ as well as one CPR half body manual. There are 30 charts like types of first aid, injection sites, methods of medication administration, procedure of T.P.R, B.P, nebulization procedure, personal hygiene, etc. The models prepared by the 1st year students are kept in the lab like emergency tray, medication administration tray, ICU set up, and Hospital set up. The lab is sufficient enough to perform all basic nursing procedures like bed bath, CPR, IV cannula insertion, IV therapy, Hair care, etc. Students are trained   to study the instruments which are used in hospitals, like tray set up, maintaining aseptic technique during the procedure, etc. on issue of the articles for the procedure. The overall objective of this lab is to encourage and promote the students to be a capable functional nurse.